Research Affinity Cohorts

The Program

JUNE 17-28, 2024 

Clark Atlanta University 

By connecting multidisciplinary faculty and staff from HBCUs to conduct data science research that solves real problems, the Research Affinity Cohorts (RAC) program will accelerate discovery and innovation in data science. This program provides HBCU investigators with a hands-on summer research experience in investigating methods and models to provide insights on how to address bias, ethics, fairness, and validity in data science. Researchers will have an opportunity to boost their research, join a community of data science researchers, and shape the future of data science that impacts Black communities. 


Technical Advisors 

We are seeking 5 Technical Advisors to lead a hands-on data science research project for faculty or staff from HBCUs to accelerate discovery and innovation in data science. Technical advisors can be faculty members or research professionals at an institution of higher learning or an industry professional with data research expertise.

 Application is closed. 

Research Affinity Cohort Participants

We are seeking 20 HBCU faculty and staff researchers to be part of a two-week, in-person summer workshop at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia, to engage in hands-on data science research in cohorts of five, and be actively involved in carrying out the research and developing actionable steps for a sustainable research program.

Application is closed.  


RACs Abstract Book 2024